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Indash Car DVD Player (1DIN + Detachable Front Hinge Panel)free shipping

  1DIN + Detachable Front Hinge Panel Indash Car DVD Player


A super space saving single-DIN (50 mm high) car DVD player with all the essentials you need and none of the BS you don't.

Technology Tantrum

Do you ever get frustrated with the blinding pace by which technology changes? Take video games for example. There was a time when happiness meant hours of pixelated button-mashing. But these days, gaming is just too f'ing complicated. Not only do you need to plough a bunch of time into tutorials and manuals, but you need to plough a bunch of dough into upgrading your graphics card, RAM, and your motherboard. Just to play a stupid game! 

Same goes for iPhones and most ironically, 333 days after original iPad launched, Apple announced...wait for it...the iPad 2. The Oatmeal really articulated this problem poignantly. [] 

Same goes for car DVD players. Sometimes all you want is a no-nonsense, dependable car DVD that does what it's supposed to do without costing a good darn fortune.


A Rose By Any Other Name Is Just As Sweet

If ole Bill Shakespeare were around today, he'd probably laud the greatness that is The Goliath. A car DVD player with a small form factor, a small host of essential features, and an even smaller price. 

Question: Let me understand this correctly? Everything is small about this car DVD player and you call it Goliath?! Answer: Indeed it's all about the small, except for the quality and engaging entertainment experience you'll receive when you become a Goliath owner. 

The Goliath sports a region free DVD player. Region free means it will play any DVD disk regardless of region or copyright. Insert an SD card or attach a USB flash drive with audio or video files and The Goliath will play those no problem. It plays CD's, it's got AM/FM radio and even a PAL/NTSC analog TV tuner.


An In-dash 80s Music Machine

Here's an idea: download a bunch of 80's music videos off Youtube. Load them on a USB stick and relive your youth while driving. The compact 3.5 inch TFT screen allows you to drive without being distracted, but still glance over when you're at a stoplight and watch that famous Robert Palmer video with the hot models dancing in the background. You know the one.

Simplicity + Synchronicity

And because The Goliath isn't inundated with a lot of excess baggage, installation is much more straightforward. Regarding it's power harness, basically the red and yellow wires with fuses on them connect to positive, black to negative. There are 4 pairs of wires for easy twist and connect to each of your car speakers. Each pair comes with a solid color wire and striped wire of the same color. Solid goes to the positive branch of your speaker wire while striped goes to negative. If you got through high school, this shouldn't be too hard. 

So what are you waiting for? Click add to cart now and in a few days, this wonderful car DVD player will be yours to enjoy. You can use the next few days to download all the cool music and videos you'll play on your small, but big Goliath one DIN car DVD player. 

At a Glance...


  • One DIN Form Factor
  • Region Free DVD Player
  • Detachable "Hinged" Front Panel
  • Awesome Media Player
  • Top Loading SD Card Slot




Manufacturer Specifications

  • Screen: 3.5 Inch TFT
  • Screen Resolution: 480 x 234
  • Front Panel: Flip Open (disk insertion behind front panel)
  • External Memory 
    - SD Card: 8GB max 
    - USB Flash: 8GB max
  • Disk Player: Region-free, also known as Region 0
  • Plays Disk Types: DVD, DVD-R, SVCD, VCD, CD-R, CD-RW, HD-CD, DIS-CD, MP3 CD, JPEG CD, WMA CD
  • Media Player Function: SD Card or USB Flash Drive
  • Media Formats Supported 
    - Video: 
    - Audio: 
    - Photo:
  • Analog TV: Yes (PAL/NTSC)
  • AM/FM Radio Tuner Information 
    - AM Frequency Range: 522 ~ 1710KHz (Worldwide) 
    - FM Tuning Range: 87.5 ~ 108.0MHz (Worldwide) 
    - Presets: 30
  • Audio Information: 4 x 45W
  • Controls 
    - Clock Setup 
    - Eject 
    - Multi-use Selector 
    - Radio Band 
    - Prev/Scan 
    - Play 
    - Next/Scan 
    - Power 
    - Presets 1-6 
    - Stereo/Mono 
    - Mute 
    - Loud 
    - Reset Button (behind front panel)
  • Connections: 
    - USB input 
    - Radio antenna input 
    - Analog TV antenna input 
    - RCA Audio OUT x2 
    - Video IN 
    - Video OUT x2 
    - Camera IN 
    - Left Front Speaker x2 
    - Right Front Speaker x2 
    - Left Rear Speaker x2 
    - Right Rear Speaker x2
  • Dimensions: 50 mm (height) x 180 mm (width) x 178 mm (depth, including front panel, 210 mm)
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Manufacturers Ref: WMD889SW12N1

Product Notes

  • INTERESTING INNOVATIONS: The Goliath incorporates many innovative car DVD design improvements such as a semi- detachable front panel. If you fully detach it for security purposes when you leave you car, but it also flips open allowing you access to the disk player without need for full detachment. What's more, the SD card slot and USB drive load from the top so you can simply insert and play without the need to access it behind a screen like traditional car DVD players.


Package Contents

  • Car Multimedia Player
  • Remote Control
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Wire Harness
  • User Manual - English

This item added in store on 11 March 2011




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